Conference Workshops for Friday 10/20

Workshop 1 – 8:30 to 9:50 am *
De-escalating and Re-Engaging Distressed Couples
Jim Hightower, LPC & Megan Jones, LAC, LAMFT, EFT Certified Therapist 
megan jones
This workshop is to create a framework of the EFT model that provides a flexible structure to therapy. You will gain an understanding of adult attachment and bonding and what happens to the body when there is disconnect. The workshop will be an experiental environment that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional process and how to lean into pain to create healing and change.
Women and Wellness: Clinical Approaches to Helping Women Purse Optimum Health
Jeff Cline, PhD, LPC-S, Robin Guile, LPC
Women in the 21st century face a number of unique needs and challenges as they journey through the life cycle. This session highlights the efficacy of wellness-based approaches and interventions in support of women’s functioning in various spheres of life including mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and occupational health. It will include an overview of women’s health issues and key factors that support and potentially impair clinical outcomes with a variety of presenting concerns (self-esteem, relationships, anxiety & mood disorders, body image, work life balance, parenting, family, mental health and chronic health issues, etc.). It will further highlight key scholarship related to women’s health in counseling and related fields and the importance of ongoing advocacy and research. The presentation will include an overview of the empirically-based wellness model the Indivisible Self (IS-Wel; Myers & Sweeney, 2004) and the Face Factor Wellness Inventory (FFWEL; Myers & Sweeney, 2005) with suggested uses for assessment, case conceptualization, treatment planning and goal setting. Participants will be invited to assist with a case study to develop competency with wellness-based interventions in work with women. A list of suggested resources will be included.
Getting them out alive: Counseling women living with violence
Dorcas Vangilst, LPC
Workshop 2 – 10:00 to 11:20 *
Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy through a Christian lens
Melinda Taylor, LPC-S, LMFT-S
How can a life coach serve women in your community
Selena Ulsewich, MEd
Counseling Single Women
Kelley Flaming, LPC
This workshop is a practical workshop that will aid the counselor in going deeper with the single woman. It will look at types of singleness, myths of singleness, common issues of singleness, and benefits of singleness. The presentation will address God’s perspective of singleness, as well as his role in a single woman’s life. This is a presentation will include case studies that aid in the counselor’s understanding to better their techniques and deepen their relationships with their single clients.
ONSITE LUNCH (Optional) 11:45 – 12:45 *
This lunch option is $7 per person.
Healing for the Post Abortive Woman
Maria Spear & Jackie Montgomery, Life Choices, Inc.
(This presentation is not eligible for CEU’s)
Have you ever had a client who struggled with a past abortion? Would you like more information on how to help her? This workshop will give you statistics regarding the amount of women affected by abortion and it’s aftermath as well as a personal testimony of a post-abortive woman. You will also learn presenting symptoms of post-abortion syndrome and resources to help your client heal from her past abortion choice.
Workshop 3 – 1:00 to 2:20 *
Sexual trauma: Reliving it is the problem, not the solution
Bonnie Phillips, PhD, LPC, EMDR II, CSAT
Technology Friendly Counseling: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Considerations
Suzanne Casey, PhD, LPC, LMFT
Counseling women around the world: Celebrating differences, understanding each other, and helping across cultures
Sherry Pogue, EdS, LPC
Workshop 4 – 2:30 to 5:30 *
(The third option is TWO 1.5 hour workshops, see below).
Discernment Counseling: new triage therapy for crisis marriages
Russ Berg, DMin, & Bill Carpenter, LAC, LAMFT
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The workshop teaches effective triage for highly conflicted couples from the call for help to referral to a competent counselor. Protocol language and process is presented through teaching, role play and video example. The counselor guides a crisis couple to better understand their marital distress, previous counseling, potential resources, positive memories and their options for making decisions about the future of their relationship.
Values-Based Gender Ethics: The changing landscape
Dr. Barry Wingfield, LPC, LMFT
4A Spirituality, Gender, & Personality
Sherry Pollard, PhD
The workshop will focus on finding and following a spiritual path, looking at the ways in which gender and personality differences affect the way we live our lives, make our decisions and honor our Maker.
4B Care Giver or Enabler: I’m okay IF you’re okay
Sarah Lindsey, LPC & Robert Cole, BA

Robert Cole

As addiction issues continue to effect families in all areas of our society, the naturally nurturing roles of women present specific issues in determining appropriate boundaries while loving and supporting someone struggling with addiction. This workshop will identify key signs of destructive, enabling behavior and the long term implications on the family.